Heart Failure Research

Our faculty are conducting several clinical trials as one of only nine centers participating nationally in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Heart Failure Clinical Research Network (HFCRN).  Additionally, Emory is one of 17 collaborating centers from 10 countries participating in a new international consortium project aimed at earlier detection and prevention of heart failure.  Our experienced research team has been involved numerous industry-funded, phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials involving all aspects of Heart Failure. 

Drs. Kalogeropoulos and Georgiopoulou recently received a grant from Critical Diagnostics to investigate the role of ST2, a novel biomarker, in patients with ambulatory (Stage C) heart failure. ST2 is a soluble protein expressed by the heart in response to disease or injury. Drs Kalogeropoulos and Georgiopoulou will evaluate the prognostic value of baseline and serial ST2 assessments, as measured by Critical Diagnostics’ Presage® ST2 assay, in the Atlanta Cardiomyopathy Consortium, an Emory University-funded cohort study involving 330 patients with Stage C heart failure.